To not know if you're going to forget even more things. The dream was so real that Olive's sleeping form curled into a tight ball and pulled the covers over her head.
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First-class all the way; Chrysalis clearly had money to burn, not to mention a need-to-know mentality bordering on the paranoid.

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Somewhere towards evening, he came to a place where even the simplest facts the ground beneath him, the darkening sky above his head were in doubt. Then the door was slammed, and the cloud once more took its dutiful place as his train.

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Everything was ready for the decisive order that would bring the yards flying round; everything was as calm and unhurried as the sloop's slow curve through this grey, heaving, formless world; there was time and to spare. She sat up, threw arms across lifted knees, and looked straight before her.
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March 5th, 2009



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